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When you know what you like - Specialize!

SPECIALTY DIVER COURSES- 2, 3, or 4 dives /$85 per dive


These programs familiarize you with specific skills, knowledge, planning, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards for various special interest areas of diving. Listed below are the PADI Specialty courses we offer at Sail Caribbean Divers. Many of these courses are also offered on Sail Caribbean's Teen Adventure Camps, but please check their teen scuba training schedule for exact availability.




Minimum Age: 10


Peak Performance Buoyancy (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives) Practice techniques for improving buoyancy and decreasing air consumption resulting in better under water control and more enjoyment / preservation of the diving environment.

Equipment Specialist (*prerequisites:  PADI Scuba Diver or equivalent)-(no required dives) Learn proper operation and maintenance of your dive equipment.

Underwater Photographer (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives) Understand the concepts of camera handling, focusing, and shot composition. Peak Performance Buoyancy is a recommended (not required) prerequisite.

UW Naturalist (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives) Explore and identify marine life including vertebrates, invertebrates, and plant life.

Project AWARE Reef Fish Identification (*prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent)-(two dives) Study a variety of fish while observing and identifying markings, shapes, and behavior.

Boat Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives) Develop skills needed to dive safely from a power or sailboat as well as special procedures for diving in areas with boat traffic.

Underwater Navigator (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (three dives) Hone your underwater navigation skills using a compass, natural navigation techniques, and other navigational tools.

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Minimum Age: 12



Night Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (three dives) Explore the intrigue of diving at night while focusing on equipment handling, navigation, nocturnal marine creatures, and day to night contrast.

Search and Recovery Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Advanced, or PADI Open Water with Underwater Navigation Specialty, or equivalent)- (four dives) Practice search patterns, effective search techniques in various conditions, and raising heavy objects using lifting devices.

Multi-Level Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Advanced or equivalent)- (two dives) Apply valuable techniques for extending bottom times using the recreational dive planner (wheel format) and diving computers.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle 'DPV' (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives) Develop basic underwater propulstion vehicle handling skills as well as plan and execute typical DPV dives.

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Minimum Age: 15


Wreck Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Advanced or equivalent)- (four dives) Learn recreational skills and techniques for diving in man-made environments and practice using specialized wreck equipment.

Deep Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Advanced or equivalent)- (four dives) Discover skills and techniques for diving to the depth limits of recreations scuba divers (between 60-130 feet).


Enriched Air Diver (*prerequisites: PADI Open Water or equivalent)- (two dives required) Explore the technical calculations & considerations for diving with gas blends of increased Oxygen partial pressures.

RMS Rhone Diver - We are excited to offer  The "RMS Rhone Diver Specialty", a PADI Distinctive Specialty that is exclusively available at our PADI Gold Palm IDC Resort on Tortola in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. The program was co-written by Master Instructor, Melissa Rea, and resident Course Director, Mike Rowe, and has been officially endorsed by PADI.


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Achieve the Ultimate Certification




MASTER SCUBA DIVER - varying time


This is the highest non-professional rating in the PADI System. It defines a diver who has acquired dive experience and knowledge by participating in variety of PADI courses. Please view our flowchart for a clear picture of what is available to you. To be qualified for PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, you must achieve all of the following:

  • PADI Advanced & Rescue Diver, Divemaster, or Assistant Instructor rating
  • Five PADI Specialty Diver certifications
  • 50 logged dives


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