In April the Sail Caribbean Divers team partnered with Myetts restaurant and other local organizations to clean up the underwater area around Cane Garden Bay. SCD staff and volunteers arrived early for a briefing before donning scuba gear and gloves and heading underwater. Once underwater it became clear that a mammoth undertaking was to ensue. Along with the usual paraphernalia that is associated with underwater clean ups participants had to contend with beach chairs, dinghies, tires, and even a sunken boat! The sunken boat was left on the bottom as it had become home to a host of underwater creatures. Everything else was raised and removed.


SCD interns also got the opportunity to brush up their skills in search and recovery as well as underwater navigation while collecting items from the mooring field. Overall, the day was a huge success for not only the underwater environment but also for the local community as people pulled together and showed their support for a cleaner underwater environment. See our quarterly newsletter for updates on future community projects and clean ups.


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