Have a look at some of our most popular and beautiful dive sites in the BVI. With over 60 dive and snorkel sites which boast shipwrecks, sharkplanos, stretching reefs, treasure caves and an abundance of marine life – there is something for everyone! We couldn’t list them all but these are some of our instructors favorites!

The Pirates

Santa Monica Rock

This offshore pinnacle is a favorite amongst our dive instructors. Only divable on calm days, it is a haven for large pelagic fish, sharks and great barracudas.  With an abundance of ledges, overhangs and even a small cave, this is a stunning dive site for more advanced divers.

The Indians

Back in the day this site was said to be named by sailors who believed the rocks resembled Native American Tepee. This is arguably one of the best shallow sites for snorkelers and beginner divers alike, with four pinnacles boasting beautiful coral gardens and shallow pools.

Carrot Shoal

Named after the orange corals and sponges which grow over this shallow ridge, Carrot Shoal is home to the more reclusive reef dwellers in the BVI. A keen eye will be able to find Spiny Lobster, Eels and Hermits, but be sure to keep a close eye on your air supply whilst searching for these critters as there can be strong currents at this dive site. 

The Willy T (William Thornton)

Beware of the Willy T, as she is covered with the skeletons of drunken pirates and patrons alike! Don’t worry, they are terribly friendly and will even invite you to the swim up bar for a drink! Fabulous for young ones or a creepy night dive, the Willy T is great fun for those who wish to party with the pirates. Be sure to bring a camera for some hilarious pictures!

Shark Point

This dive site needs no explanation as to why it is a favorite amongst our instructors. Although its distinct ridges, canyons, overhangs and ledges make it a beautiful dive site, it’s always outshone by the abundance of … you guessed it, sharks.

Painted Walls

With canyons covered in soft sponges that look as though a child has grabbed a paintbrush and splattered colorful paints on the wall, this is a stunning dive site. Be sure to bring a torch to eliminate the artwork. The highlight of this dive is a beautiful archway at the end of the third canyon which, on a calm day, can be swan through into a shallow pool.

Blonde Rock

This pinnacle shows an exceptional array of reef life, with a healthy coral reef and interesting topography. Notably, the dive begins in an ‘amphitheatre’, be sure to look in the ledges and ridges for critters and take advantage of the awesome swim throughs.

The Drakes

The R.M.S Rhone

This world famous wreck is one of the most popular and well known dive sites in the BVI with several books written about its untimely demise. After hundreds of years of beautiful coral growth on the wreck and with an abundance of fish life, this is a dive you surely don’t want to miss. 

Vanishing Rock

This beautiful pinnacle has one of the largest colonies of Pillar Corals in the BVI making for a magical dive. With the top of this pinnacle breaking the surface of the water and then vanishing back below waves, it’s easy to see how it got its name. Be sure to check the current before hopping in as it can be quite strong.

Cistern Point

This site is perfect for divers and snorkelers alike. With many boulders, canyons, small caves and overhangs there is always something fun to find. There can be current at this dive which gets stronger as you head deeper so stick to the shoreline and have fun exploring!

Wreck Alley

Four wrecks, beautiful reef and an abundance of life –  what’s not to love! These purposefully sunk wrecks make for an unforgettable dive, teaming with schools of fish, rays and sharks. With a swim through, hatches to explore, and even a toilet for you to find, there’s nothing better than Wreck Ally! 

Thumb Rock

The highlight of this beautiful dive site is the ‘thumb’ shaped rock which stands alone like a skyscraper. Don’t forget to look up as the beauty is quite magical with hundreds of schooling fish surrounding the thumb. It is also home to schools of tarpon which lurk in the shallows looking like dinosaurs from the Jurassic period.

Carval Rock

This is a spectacular dive for calm days which is often visited by ocean pelagics! It’s not recommended to circumnavigate Carval Rock as it is a big dive site, but there is plenty to find in the rocky reef and canyons along with shark and ray spotting.

Alice’s Wonderland

You really will feel like Alice in Wonderland at this breathtaking dive site. With winding ridges and canyons covered in beautiful coral to get lost in and a huge diversity of life this dive site will make you feel like you are in a fairytale.

Ginger Steps

Ginger steps gets its name from the parallel rock ledges, or ‘steps’, which lead down to a sandy bottom, swim along these steps looking under ridges to see what critters you can find. Be sure to keep one eye out in the blue for sharks swimming past and look in the sand for sleeping rays! 

The North

The Chimney

This wonderful dive site is named after a rock climbing wall with the same name. The highlight of this dive is a crack in between two boulders that rises from 25ft / 8m to the surface, two beautiful canyons and a massive arch. This is a fantastic protected dive for beginners and snorkelers alike.

Bronco Billy

Bronco Billy is famously known as Jacques Cousteau’s favorite dive site in the BVI and it is clear to see why.  Canyons, ridges and arches are covered in life and when the surge is strong, it is said you will be riding them like a wilk bronc – we don’t recommend it but a fantastic dive on calm days!

The Seal Dogs

This dive sites a hodgepodge of rocks and boulders that are a haven for interesting life, and the numerous swim throughs and canyons are great fun to explore! Ensure you keep a look out into the blue for large pelagic fish promenading by. The sloping skirt surrounding the dive site is covered in colorful soft sponges, so be sure to bring a torch to bring out those colours.


This quirky dive site has 3 sunken airplanes that have been turned into an artificial reef with a twist! With a $5 donation towards ‘Beyond the Reef’, these sharkplanos are also helping fund swimming lessons for local children.


The Caves

The legend says that these caves once held gold treasure hidden by pirates, if you find any more don’t forget to tip your crew! This is a beautiful snorkel site for an abundance of fish life, turtles and even sleeping nurse sharks.

The Indians

With stunning coral gardens and shallow pools to explore, home to countless species of fish and crustaceans, this snorkel site is a must for anyone in the BVI.

R.M.S Rhone

Luckily for snorkelers the stern of the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Rhone lies just off Black rock point, and is shallow enough to snorkel. This world famous wreck is not only one of the most stunning wrecks but it also boasts sharks, rays and turtles.

The Baths

One of the most popular snorkeling sites in the BVI, The Baths boasts beauty both above and below the water. Easily spending half the day here, the marine life and beautiful topography will have you in awe of this special island.

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