Fishing Equipment

A great option for your vacation. We highly recommend catch & release but why not get hooked?

Spinning: Should be done from a stationary boat. Small lures will work just as well as fresh bait for Spinning or Jigging. Expect to catch small reef fish. DO NOT CONSUME. Catch & release only.

Trolling: Should be done from a boat moving at 3-5 knots. Extend line 2-3 times the length of your boat. Lures will dance along the surface. Expect to catch Tuna, Mahi, Bonito, Spanish Mackerel & Wahoo. Limit 30lbs for personal consumption. Bill Fish PROHIBITED.

License Required – Anyone 18 or over who is fishing must have a recreational fishing license which is granted to visiting tourists who wish to fish on a  catch on a catch & release basis. It is illegal to have bill fish in one’s possession or to have more than 30lbs by weight per boat. Taking lobster and spearfishing (any method) are prohibited. Visit our Fishing Permit Page for more details on how to obtain your permit.

If you are chartering a boat for your holiday, we will drop off your fishing gear before you arrive and collect it when you are finished – hassle free! Please let us know when you apply for your fishing permit and find prices below. 


Cruise leisurely from your marina or overnight anchorage. Visit mangroves, shallow reefs or secluded beaches. Singles and Doubles available for hourly, daily and weekly rental. See our rates below for more details.

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)

Another option for lazy paddling on the reef and in bays & overnight anchorages. These sturdy boards are perfect for calm water paddling and shallow beach surfing. Always use caution on local beaches and in surf. Check with lifeguards or The Tourism Board for beach safety flag status.

Floating fun and safety vests

If you are unsure of your swimming ability or simply want something to help you float while you snorkel the reefs in search of the perfect fish, try a snorkel vest, floats or noodles. Available for rental or for purchase.

Please send your rental forms to or queries about fishing to

+1 (284) 541-3483