I was on a sailing trip to the BVI back in February of 2013. As soon as we arrived at Hodges Creek Marina on Tortola, I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses and left them at the hotel in St. John.

I walked around the marina looking for a shop or some other place I could get sunglasses – and I spotted Sail Caribbean Divers.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in the right place and the people were super friendly. They had a great sunglasses collection (and priced really nice too) and also had the froggie thing that keeps them from falling off your head or allows you to hang them around your neck.

I bought them immediately – I was set. The BVI trip was awesome and even more so because of the high quality polarized sunglasses.

But there’s something more…

During the sailing trip, at a stop on Peter Island, we were hiking to the top of the island and took a water break stop at a great lookout point. I had to take off my new sunglasses and lay them down to take some pictures. When we walked off, I simply left them there. (as it turned out, one of the other people in our party sat on the bench and knocked them off while I was taking pics).

I didn’t get very far and realized my Sail Caribbean Divers sunglasses were GONE! No one wanted to goo back so we finished out hike to the top and I just sort of wrote off those sunglasses.

On the way back down, I stopped at every bench/lookout point and didn’t see them anywhere… until the last bench. And there they were, laying on the ground right under the bench.

But there’s more…

In March, I was paddleboard surfing in Destin, Florida and had a pretty good wipeout. When I came up for air, I failed to notice that my sunglasses were gone and jumped on my board and paddled back out.

A few minutes later – it hit me. “OMG! My sunglasses!”

There was a pretty good current that day running east to west so I paddled in and started wading and walking to the west. I figured I would never find the glasses. I walked about a 1/2 mile in and out of the water right along the shore looking for them with no luck. A bit farther down, I heard a voice call, “Hey! You looking for these?”

You guessed it! My glasses had washed up almost a mile down the beach.

I thought that was pretty cool that I found them. AND someone had called out to me and said “here they are”.

But – there’s still more…

2 weeks ago, I had an MRI to check on a back problem and when you get an MRI, you have to take your clothes and everything off and wear surgical scrubs to lay in the MRI machine. I had my sunglasses on and with me that day. They gave me a locker that locked and I stowed everything in the locker, including my sunglasses.

The MRI was done in about 20 minutes, I got dressed and left.

As soon as I left the parking lot, I realized that my sunglasses, my Sail Caribbean Divers sunglasses were still sitting on the top shelf of that locker. I turned around and found my way back to the area of the hospital were they do MRIs, Unfortunately for me – the area was totally deserted.

There were not one but 2 locked doors I had to get into and then a locker I had to get unlocked. I started looking everywhere for someone but this wing of the hospital seemed to be a ghost town.

Two or three halls down, I finally saw a couple of guys working at a computer and asked if they could help and explained my problem. Luckily, I remembered the MRI girl’s name: Taffy. One of them said sure – come with me. I followed him to the locked MRI door and he pressed a code in several times but it wouldn’t open. He tried calling Taffy – no answer.

Luckily, another guy happened by and asked what was up, punched in a few numbers and we were IN! The second locked door was easier – but then the guy who had agreed to help me had to go look for the key to the lockers. He found them pretty fast, walked into another locked door, and in 30 seconds walked back out with my sunglasses in his hand.

How’s that for cool? I’ve tried losing these sunglasses several times and they just refuse to be lost! I think it’s because they are Sail Caribbean Divers sunglasses.

Even if you TRY to lose anything you get from them – it just keeps coming back! Highly recommended and the absolute LONGEST I have ever been able to keep the same pair of sunglasses!

Note: I just returned from a second trip to the USVI and the BVI – and I STILL have those Sail Caribbean Divers sunglasses.

Mike Carraway