How time flies, another year has passed under the SCD banner in the BVI. Slowly but surely over the last 20 odd years our company has grown from a handful of divers to a full fledged army of baby blue clad diving professionals, now sporting a record high 24 staff members.

We are proud to announce that all of our interns that attempted the May IDC were successful. Congratulations to new Instructors Matt, Shelby, and Marina and welcome to the team! (sniffles) They grow up so fast!

We’re definitely moving up in the world! What began as a weekly trip to the cruise ship docks has evolved into 4/5 days a week working with almost as many different cruise lines offering DSD, snorkeling trips and Rhone dives. We even managed to score the Disney contract. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me wear my Goofy costume.

Move over Paris, move over Milan… it’s all about the BVI fashion now. Our retail shops are vibrant with the colours shown off in our eight new T-shirt designs and sunshirts spearheaded by the retail guru herself, Emma. Be warned if you are going to check them out; I went in to fill my water bottle and ended up with 9 new shirts instead 🙂

A wise man once said “Happiness consists in activity. It is a running stream, not a stagnant pool.” In that regard, we’ve been working hard. Our little family of four compressors were getting lonely so we’ve added another member to the group. SCD now proudly offers enriched air/nitrox filling at our Hodges Creek location. Naturally, a plethora of enriched air courses are now available, so come on down and check it out – (and much more importantly get yourself another diver card to add to the collection!)

We are very lucky to have our Sail Caribbean family. As a token of appreciation for another exciting and successful summer program with the Sail Caribbean kids the company owner, Mike Liese gifted us a high-end, top of the line, waterproof AND Bluetooth speaker which has allowed us to jam out with our divers and scrub the boats with style. Thanks Mike!

And this is probably the best part (saved for last!). New Boat! Yes folks it’s finally happened, to keep up with our growth “The Enterprise” has joined our fleet. She is a 36 foot custom dive vessel that warmly embraces 12 divers or 20 snorkelers as we explore new worlds, seek out new life and boldly go …(can’t help it folks I’m a trekkie)

Well that’s the long and short of it, we’ve had a fantastic year at SCD and the sky’s the limit. We won’t stop improving our ability to provide excellent service throughout the BVI and we’re look forward to taking you guys out to meet some turtles and see some reefs.

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