Beginning the first dive of our day, swimming with the guests up the foremast of the RMS Rhone, suddenly a dolphin swims up over us. From it’s hiding place under the mast it rises up suddenly, surprising me as I am about to enter the wreck. I turn and bang my tank to get everyone’s attention, pointing up at the lone dolphin. The dolphin turns and regards us, turning it’s head a little to the side which makes it look like it is wondering what we are doing there. It swims up and over the wreck, turning and ducking quickly under the bowsprit where it takes another quick look at us before heading away into the deeper water. I turn to look at the divers, as stunned as I am by the surprise dolphin encounter. After checking that they are all OK I turn back to head inside the wreck, grinning to myself.

Ria O’Hagen

Categories: Diving & Snorkeling